Fees and Insurance


I currently accept:

  • Medicare
  • Tricare out of Network
    • Please note that the cancellation policy below applies to Medicare and Tricare members.

      For all other insurances I am considered an out of network provider. Most insurances will cover 50% to 90% of usual and customary rates for medically necessary services. Therefore if you choose to seek reimbursement I can provide you a monthly invoice.
      Ask your insurance
      • If you have out of network mental health insurance benefits
      • If you have an out of network deductible, what it is, and to what degree it has been met
      • How many sessions they cover
      • What percentage of the session they cover
      • If you need a referral from your physician


      I see a limited number of patients so thatI can devote to each of you all the time and attention that an excellent service require. I charge only for face to face time, i.e. the time I see you in session. I do not charge you for medical record review, coordination of care (i.e. talking with your doctor or any other professional involved in your care), record keeping, consultation, research, or any other task instrumental to your care.

      I also reserve a specific time for you. It is extremely difficult to schedule another person in that time at a short notice. For this reason, I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 48hrs notice, unless we are able to find another time during the same week. If you know you cannot keep your appointment for the following week, let me know during our session and I will be happy to find another time for you.

      Payment Methods

      I accept cash or check. However, you can use your credit card if you need to do so for a specific reason, such as using your health savings account card.

      Payment is due before or at the time of service. As therapy can be emotionally intense, I have found it works best to take care of payment prior to the start of session.


      Neuropsychological Evaluations
      The fee for evaluation is $ 1,800.00
      It includes the initial clinical interview, testing, report writing, and feedback session

      Payment options are:
      1. Half prior to the clinical interview and half prior to testing
      2. The full amount prior to the clinical interview
      Therapy and Cognitive Rehabilitation
      Initial evaluation (up to 75min): $ 200.00
      Individual therapy sessions: $ 160.00

      This is typically an 8 session model
      Initial evaluation (approximately 90 minutes): $ 220.00
      First follow up session (up to 90 minutes): $200.00
      All other follow up sessions (45-60 minutes): $ 160.00

      Rapid Resolution Therapy
      This accelerated healing methodology (RRT) most often requires:
      • one initial evaluation session (up to 90minute)
      • one core session (up to 3 hrs.)
      • one f/u ,session (up to 90 minutes) At times a couple more follow ups are necessary
      Core session: $480.00
      All other sessions: $200.00