Trauma is etched on the slate of who you are.
Do you want to clear it and be who you are meant to be?

We can do it with the right know how.

Trauma is any painful event that is experienced, but not properly processed by the emotional brain, and thus keeps you stuck. Even though you cognitively know that the event is over, your emotional brain is experiencing it as ongoing. Hence the distress. It can span the continuum from something apparently negligible, such as a harsh word from a beloved teacher, to the horrors of war and rape. It can be an isolated event happening to a healthy adult or prolonged abuse which changes the course of a child’s development. Regardless, if it is impacting your emotional wellbeing, your relationships, your life, the sooner we resolve it, the better.

Trauma is processed in the brain at an emotional (subcortical) vs. rational (cortical) level, and results in traumatic memories which are powerfully felt (at times below the level of consciousness) and minimally impacted by reasoning alone. At the turn of the century affective neuroscience discovered that these memory pathways can be destabilized and rescripted. In other words, it’s possible to rewire your brain. To this end it is essential to use treatment modalities that reach the emotional brain and effect memory reconsolidation. Successful techniques typically involve alternate or parallel states of consciousness, and the creation of a different felt experience. I use primarily Rapid Resolution Therapy as it presents the added advantage of processing trauma without having to relive it and is therefore fairly painless.